Diversified Term Loans

Up to $500,000 with annual interest rates as low as 9%

Short Term Loans

4 to 18 months

A great way to finance projects with quick returns

  • Make updates to your business
  • Inventory and Staffing Needs
  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Short Term Rates
As low as 9% simple interest

What is simple interest?
Simple interest calculates the amount of interest that you would pay based on a percentage of your loan amount.

For shorter terms less than 12 months, simple interest allows you to see the total payback amount of your loan.

For a 6 month loan at $10,000 with 9% Simple Interest and weekly payments, your interest cost is $900, for a total payback amount of $10,900.

Long Term Loans

6 to 36 months

A great way to fund larger projects that have a longer return

  • Opening a new location or expanding an existing one
  • Purchasing of new equipment
  • Larger inventory purchases
  • New product development

Long Term Rates
As low as 9.99% Annual Interest Rate

What is an annual interest rate?
An annual interest rate calculates the interest percentage yearly based on your average loan balance.

While considering the total cost of the loan is important, for terms longer than 12 months you can use the Annual Interest Rate to compare loans of similar duration.

For a 24 month loan at $100,000 with a 9.99% Annual Interest Rate and weekly payments, your interest cost is $10,418.15, for a total loan payback amount of $110,418.15.