At Diversified we care about the future success of your business. Here are a list of resources that our clients have utilized to grow their business.

  • The Small Business Administration and SCORE. With SBA funding becoming less and less now is the time to take advantage of all the resources that the SBA offers at no charge to business owners. Also the retired executives at SCORE are an absolute goldmine for any business owner.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce. Even if you’re not a big networker just showing up to Chamber meetings can be tremendous for business. In addition many local Chambers have marketing programs that are a tremendous asset to a small business.
  • Industry Trade Groups. Trade Groups are a tremendous resource for research and understanding industry trends. Being part of a local trade group will give you a huge jump on your competition.
  • Other local business owners. Smart business owners will look around and find other successful business owners. Check out for local groups and or events. Often you will find Mastermind groups.
  • Local colleges. Contacting local colleges to find interns is an untapped goldmine. Many of our clients has used this and it has exploded their business. Often a local college has numerous students taking a course that is teaching them exactly what your business needs. Even if they don’t know it all, after a minimal investment in their training you have a cost free employee.